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Google the term 'slots' and almost 200 million results are returned. 'Online slots' returns somewhere close to 20 million; 'pokies' over 5 million; 'online pokies' just under 1 million, and 'online jackpots' about 65 million.

Yes, there are indeed many, many websites with information about online slot games.

It's also true that the number of these websites that provide accurate, insightful and useful information about this industry can be counted on one hand.

The aim of is simple:

"to provide the avid jackpot hunter with all the tools necessary to identify which game to play, where to play it, and most important, when to play it having regard to its current state versus historical performance."

Accurate details on game format, value charting, temperature indicators and a free jackpot alert service are just some of these tools.

If you can think of any ways we can improve our site and help you in your quest to win the big one, we'd love to hear from you.


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