Betway and Microgaming’s 13 million quid jackpot payout


Online jackpot payouts don’t come bigger than this. Not in the history of the world to date that is. This recent £13 million plus payout sets a new record that may take a while to break!The very lucky fella holding the cheque above is Jonathon Heywood, a soldier (not for much longer) from Cheshire in the UK.

On 7 October 26 year old Jonathon took  a break from polishing his boots, to play a few spins on Mega Moolah. Before he new hit, he was playing the jackpot bonus round, and then being told he’d hit the mega jackpot. The exact figure…£13,213,838.68.

Jonathon was playing Mega Moolah at Betway Casino.

So, what does a a young man with with £13 million quid in the bank do with himself? Anything he bloody well wants I imagine.  Although funnily enough, he did make it in to work on the day he hit the jackpot; something most of us may have neglected to do.

Enjoy your loot Jonathan!



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