£1,000,000 Slots Giveaway


60,000 separate bonus prizes to be won across eight prize draws. Win your share of an incredible £1,000,000 in bet365′s Slots Spectacular!

Play designated slot games until 29th May for a shot at bonuses of up to £1,000 in each of the 8 draws.

To take part, simply opt in and earn prize draw tickets for every £10 cash staked on qualifying games.

You get 1 ticket for staking on Featured Games and 2 tickets on Double Ticket Games.

Then, wait for the big prize draws, and win prizes of up to £1,000 per draw; multiple prizes can be won!

Draws dates, and total bonus prize up for grabs in each are as follows:

  • 2nd May: £200,000 in prizes,
  • 6th May: £75,000 in prizes,
  • 10th May: £100,000 in prizes,
  • 14th May: £125,000 in prizes,
  • 18th May: £72,000 in prizes,
  • 22nd May: £100,000 in prizes,
  • 26th May: £125,000 in prizes, and
  • 30th May: £200,000 in prizes,


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