Mega Fortune on Jackpot Watch


Unibet 10% Mega Fortune offerTwo reasons for this post. They are related and jackpot game players will find them VERY interesting.

First, the Mega Fortune jackpot value has smashed past the €5 million mark…now accelerating toward €6 million. History tells us that the higher it gets the faster it climbs. It is now well above it’s average hit value and it’s temperature gauge is approaching the red-zone.

This is reason enough to officially put Mega Fortune on Jackpot Watch.

There has been second development that makes the Jackpot Watch status all the more compelling…and this is an offer from one of the casinos where you can play the game…Unibet.

The offer is as follows:

If the Mega Fortune jackpot is won by a player at Unibet, they will pay all of their players who have played the game (minimum €50 in wagers) in the 24 hours immediately preceding the hit, an equal share of 10% of the eventual hit value.

So if  a Unibet player wins right now, all Unibet customers who spun the Mega Fortune slot wheels in the last 24 hrs would share in €570,000 cash.

Unibet’s Daniel Eskola (Head of Gaming) says of the offer: “We are very happy to be able to offer our players such a large prize. We want to be able to give our Jackpot players even greater opportunities at winning a share of the prize pool and make sure everyone is a winner.”

Mega Fortune well past it’s average hit value

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