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Largest jackpot in mobile casino gambling history – Mega Moolah

Just imagine this… You’re on a crowded train commuting to work. To kill a bit of time you pull out the old iPhone, log into your fave casino and browse their mobile slot games.

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Paf Big Business: be the best businessman and win a jackpot

In the last few years, people have seen all over the news of the economy’s downfall due to the greed of some and the bad decisions of others. Now, Play Among Friends (PAF) has come up with a slots game … Continue reading

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Mega Fortune now over €15 million – what the winner could buy

This is a little ridiculous really. The Mega Fortune jackpot is now above €15 million and still climbing. Actually, not long after this post goes live it will probably be over €16 million!

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Mega Fortune Heading into Record Territory

When the Mega Fortune jackpot went off late last year at a Guinness World Record amount of €11.7 million, it would have been reasonable to believe that this record would stand for quite a while. Doesn’t look like it now.

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Massive jackpot cash up for grabs at Paf

There were €8 million reasons to play Paf’s Arabian Nights jackpot some time ago. Now there are over €8.6 million reasons because that’s where the jackpot currently sits…and rising.

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Bovada releases new 3D slot games

3D Slots seem to be the latest online slots craze right now. A few casinos have recently announced the addition of new 3D slot games to their range, and one of these casinos is Bovada … and we’re not just talking … Continue reading

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Study says problem gambling due to traditional ‘pokies’, not online

A profile of problem gamblers treated at Adelaide’s (Australia) Flinders University School of Medicine (“FUSM”)suggest traditional pokies (ie slot machines) are far more addictive  online gambling options.

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The game that you couldn’t lose: Sixty Seconds from Eurobet

How do like the sound of a gambling game that only charges you for one in every six bets you place…but still pays out every winning bet whether you paid for it or not? Sound too good to be true? … Continue reading

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