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Millionaire Genie out of the bottle 3 times

Here’s a update on a that simple little 3 reel,  1 line classic slot game Millionaire Genie.

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Mega Fortune now over €15 million – what the winner could buy

This is a little ridiculous really. The Mega Fortune jackpot is now above €15 million and still climbing. Actually, not long after this post goes live it will probably be over €16 million!

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Mega Fortune Heading into Record Territory

When the Mega Fortune jackpot went off late last year at a Guinness World Record amount of €11.7 million, it would have been reasonable to believe that this record would stand for quite a while. Doesn’t look like it now.

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Mega Fortune on Jackpot Watch

Two reasons for this post. They are related and jackpot game players will find them VERY interesting.

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You wish…a look back at the biggest online jackpot ever!

This is old news but it’s still very good news…or at least it was for one lucky young man from Hordaland in Norway. The story goes something like this.

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Mega Moolah about to hit $2 million

The Mega Moolah Mega jackpot is charging! After passing the $1,500,000 point just over a week ago it has clearly hit the radar of regular players and has accelerated noticeably toward the $2 million mark

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