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Player at Unibet wins 5.6 million euro Mega Fortune Jackpot

Mega Fortune has gone off again. Seems like only a couple of months ago since it last made someone a multimillionaire. 

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Swede wins 4 million Euro playing Arabian Nights

In case you thought the Unibet Arabian Nights jackpot was looking a little on the small side, your right, but there’s good reason for this.

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Mega Fortune Heading into Record Territory

When the Mega Fortune jackpot went off late last year at a Guinness World Record amount of €11.7 million, it would have been reasonable to believe that this record would stand for quite a while. Doesn’t look like it now.

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Mega Fortune on Jackpot Watch

Two reasons for this post. They are related and jackpot game players will find them VERY interesting.

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