Mega Moolah $200k TopUp


Hit the jackpot playing Mega Moolah Mega right now and you will be paid somewhere in the vicinity of $5 million. If you happen to hit it playing at Jackpot City that’s not all you get.

If you’re playing Mega Moolah at Jackpot City AND on your mobile, then not only do you get paid the current jackpot value, you also get an extra $200,000!

This is a bit like Unibet’s Mega Fortune deal , although arguably better as you don’t have to share the extra bounty with any other players…it’s all yours.

Some of you might be thinking…”if I win $5,000,000, then I’m not going to need another $200,000″. If you’re one of those people and happen to win, then just remember who told you about this promo when you’re thinking about what to do with the $200,000 you don’t need.

Remember, and this is crucial…YOU MUST PLAY ON YOUR MOBILE, NOT PC in order to qualify for the 200k top up.

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